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TRAIN VENTURA is Ventura County's only facility built exclusively for Independent Personal Trainers

Set yourself apart as a True Fitness Professional!

The Perks

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Freedom and more flexibility

No more being tied to the big box gym rules, rates, and scheduling

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Make the money you deserve

Charge what you want and take it all. No more making 40% of what you should be making.

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More room for growth

Skys the limit for how much you want to charge and how much you want to excel as a true fitness professional

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Your own personal training studio

Enjoy the private, intimate, professional boutique like space as if it's your own

Are You Looking to elevate your business?

What to do next?


Take a


Use the FREE 1st MONTH to move clients into the studio


Gain the confidence needed to be on your own


Elevate your business and set yourself apart in becoming a true fitness professional


your clients

your rates

your schedule


The Facility

Private, Intimate, Professional, State of the art

About Me

I was once where you are

My name is Blair Ferguson and I started Train Ventura to provide a great training facility along with an environment of personal and professional support.

I’ve been where you are.  I’ve been training for 21 years now.  I started in the big box gyms, and at some point I was feeling like I was worth more then I was being paid. So i decided to make the leap into private training facilities as an independent trainer, and at some point I finally opened my first studio.  I know what it takes to excel as a professional fitness trainer and I can help you.


1932 Eastman Ave. #104 Ventura, CA 93003




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