"I once was where you are"

My name is Blair Ferguson and I started Train Ventura to provide a great training facility along with an environment of personal and professional support.

I’ve been where you are.  I’ve been training for 21 years now.  I started in the big box gyms, and at some point I was feeling like I was worth more then I was being paid. So i decided to make the leap into private training facilities as an independent trainer, and at some point I finally opened my first studio.  I know what it takes to excel as a professional fitness trainer and I can help you.

My mission is simple.  I am here to help independent personal trainers expand their clientele, advance their careers, and position themselves for longterm success as elite professionals in the fitness industry.

I understand how difficult it is for independent trainers to not only help their clients achieve their fitness goals, but also cross the threshold from simply earning a living to the satisfaction of a lucrative career, and I am here to help.

Let me help you break free and give you the tools you need to flourish as a fitness professional.  Train Ventura is as close to your own facility without all the expenses.

I’d love to meet you and learn about your vision for the future.

Blair Ferguson


1932 Eastman Ave. #104 Ventura, CA 93003





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